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More information about our company.

We are a modern and dynamic company, owned by young and versatile black entrepreneurs operating and specialising in Telecommunications field, Networking, Software, Hardware, Financial systems, Branding & Data centre Services.

The steady growth of the company in conjunction with highly specialized manpower and modern equipment, enabling us to continuously invest in state of the art and telecommunications at our operations.

This dynamics gives YARONA CORE the capability to offer high quality products and services.​

We believe in creating innovative solutions that add value to our customers. We strive to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and to support them in reaching their goals by offering distinctive and specialized efficient solutions.

One of the major aspects of the business we are proud of is the number of partnership we have in place with many major brands, and there connections allow us to offer you there great services and prices.

YARONA CORE continuously invests in research of new technologies and applications and seeks supremacy in all areas.


The use of innovative technology solutions accelerate responsiveness to market challenges, reduce costs, increase sales and satisfaction of our customers and ultimately helps to distinguish the company.


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